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Improving your life at work in Fort Worth

WRG announces the expansion of business operations into Fort Worth to better serve existing customers and to support new ones. WRG has contracted real estate firm JLL to find a local showroom with the expectation of opening a new showroom in the summer of 2019.

Fort Worth

Currently, WRG has taken residence in the Ideaworks building of the historic James E. Guinn Entrepreneurial Complex. The Guinn Complex is located at the intersection of East Rosedale Street and the Interstate 35W. The Complex contains three buildings that were once part of the Guinn School, the first school for “people of color” in the City of Fort Worth.

Today, the complex houses several organizations all dedicated to helping creatives, startups and small businesses succeed by nurturing entrepreneurship, equipping future leaders and creating jobs.

“The mission of the James E. Guinn Entrepreneurial complex is directly aligned with the values and purpose of WRG”, says Gregory Carter, Managing Director of Fort Worth. “We understand that a healthy economy is fueled through a diverse set people generating value for their customers and cooperating to solve the big challenges of our communities.”

“Ideaworks and WRG will work together to achieve shared goals around accelerating entrepreneurship in our area” says Marco Johnson, Director of Programs. “Plans are already underway to develop shared events under the Startup Bootcamp workshop series”.

“WRG has already made a significant investment in our partnership with the design and the donation of furniture and installation. says Walker Lutringer, Director of the Accelerate DFW Foundation. “We are immensely grateful for their generosity and excited to move forward together in pursuit of a more robust entrepreneurial ecosystem”

“Through ingenuity and adaptive reuse, we have created so much more than a temporary office”, says Lori Bauer, owner of WRG. “We have helped a historic property transform into a living office. Building 600 on the Guinn complex serves as a practical example of our desire and ability to serve this great city.”

WRG is fully committed to the growth of the Fort Worth region and, in partnership, hope to accomplish this by supporting the entrepreneurial community and improving people’s lives at work, wherever they work.

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