The Last Mile

Because of the Last Mile, our delivery and installation service is unparalleled in the industry.

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​This video describes and demonstrates a practice we call The Last Mile.

The Last Mile is the way WRG and MillerKnoll, our manufacturing partner, bring process discipline and quality to our design, order management, delivery, and installation process. We collaborate closely with MillerKnoll, so we can be efficient and synchronize everything within our control:

  • pre-planning, order entry, scheduling and sequencing of the order
  • connection with the supply base to deliver to that order
  • JIT manufacturing synchronization
  • scheduling and sequencing of delivery trucks
  • delivery from MillerKnoll’s manufacturing site straight to your installation site
  • unloading, de-trashing, staging, installing
  • completing the punch list

All this coordination and attention to the details of project planning and execution means a more orderly, timely and cost effective experience for you.