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We provide multiple industry leading manufacturers, cover the entire state, and offer turnkey, responsive services like no one

At WRG, we believe that prefabricated interior construction products play a crucial role in design and development of built environments. Our interior construction specialists are a key part of the WRG BUILD team. With diverse backgrounds in architecture, construction, and interior design, they understand which prefabricated products make sense for a particular space. They work seamlessly with designers, project managers, and installers. The result? Projects that exceed your design expectations and are on time and on budget.

WRG BUILD has partnered with the best in the business to provide a wide offering of products from prefabricated walls, millwork, flooring and acoustical systems solutions to architectural products. Our interior construction offering is an important part of our commitment to improving peoples lives at work by delivering complete solutions for spaces in a wide range of different industries.

Get ready to build in a whole new way with DIRTT.

DIRTT is more than modular walls. This personalized interior system uses virtual reality filled with data to build the perfect space. DIRTT has construction methods that are faster, cleaner and more sustainable than other manufacturers. Designed to respond to your needs for any place, from healthcare to school or office to home life.

Do you want to know how DIRTT works? Here it is. From the idea to the factory to the final space, this is how our dedicated team does it:

Maars Architectural Walls - Flexibility, Made to Order

Accomplish a high-performance space that mitigates sound and elevates workplace aesthetics with your exclusive Maars Living Walls dealer. From responsive, knowledgeable service to seasoned experts who understand the intricate installation process, your OP experience is tailor-made for you.

With over 75 years of experience and continuously innovating, Maars is a concept partner for architects, designers, contractors, project developers and end-users. Maars pushes the boundaries, continually making progress in the fields of design, finishing, sound insulation, multimedia and fire resistance. The integration of high-tech systems, functional options and intelligent solutions creates the unique Maars Living Walls concept. Maars interior solutions are completely tailored to the end-users and have the highest flexibility for refurbishment and reuse. The highest quality and best service are guaranteed worldwide.

WRG BUILD has chosen it's partnerships carefully and with our clients best interests in mind. We know how important timelines, aesthetics and budgets are and we have chosen the very best in our industry.

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