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Platinum Certified Dealer

WRG is proud to recognize the hard work of our team!

HM Certified Platinum Dealer

Herman Miller has a network of dealers, located in over 100 cities worldwide, who are committed to consistency, quality, and efficiency.

These dealers are put through a rigorous program on a yearly basis to measure every aspect of their business from Design Capabilities to Operations Enablement and Sales Tracking. The Dealer Excellence program is a continuous improvement program that uses an objective framework to measure and engage our community for ongoing performance and commitment to our partners.

WRG is proud to recognize Our Platinum Status! As one of 8 dealers in the program to reach the top teer this year, we want to recognize all of the hard work of our departments. We could not do this without a team that lives our values and mission. Congratulations to the WRG Family on another year of excellence gained through your hard work and commitment to WRG. Here’s to another year of improving people’s lives at work, wherever they work!!