Founded in 2005, naughtone explains its mission in three simple words: useful, beautiful furniture. Its seating, tables, and other ancillary products are developed in the UK, where the company is based, to meet the needs of workplace, education, and hospitality environments.

British company Naughtone was established in 2005 and creates furniture products available all over the world. It begins with design and development in the UK and manufactures internationally. Naughtone is able to deliver pieces with fast turnarounds, affordable pricing, and minimal environmental effects at your own convenience. Naughtone values exceptional service and displays their furniture in both the UK and North America showrooms. The company is constantly shifting their ideas and creating designs to fit consumer demands proven with a wide range of assortment. Developing simple pieces and offering numerous finishes makes it easy to fall in love with Naughtone products.

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